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22nd Judicial District offices

Candidates for Circuit Court, Public Defender, District Attorney General Offices in District 22. The district includes, Giles, Lawrence, Maury and Wayne counties.

Circuit Court Judge Candidates

Part I District 22 Republican Caucus

• David L. Allen, 14 Will Avenue, Lawrenceburg 38464

Part II District 22 Republican Caucus

• John Russell (Russ) Parkes, 410 Cayce Valley Drive, Columbia 38401

Part III District 22 Republican Caucus

Christopher V. (Chris) Sockwell, 94 Beuerlein Lane, Lawrenceburg 38464

Independent Candidate

• Lee Brooks, 1306 Polo Fields Lane, Columbia 38401

Part IV District 22 Republican Caucus

• Caleb Bayless, 206 Cross Valley Drive, Columbia 38401

Independent Candidates

Stacie Odeneal, 64 Red Bird Lane, Lawrenceburg 38464

• Sammy Patterson, 1000 Old Highway 99, Columbia 38401

District Attorney General

• Brent Cooper, Beuerlein Lane, Lawrenceburg 38464

Public Defender

• Travis Jones, 1501 Old TVA Road, Columbia 38401

Information is from the Tennessee Secretary of State's Office.

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