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Chairman To Step Down

Tom Gattis, Giles County Democratic Party Chairman, has said he will not run for another term.

Gattis made the announcement at the local Democrats’ Executive Committee meeting in October at the Pulaski Recreation Center.

Next March 22, Democrats throughout Tennessee will hold reorganization meetings to elect officers in county parties, and Gattis urged local Democrats to consider who they would want for chairman.

Other officers, whose terms will expire, include: Lisa Prukop vice chairman, Carol McComiskey treasurer, and Sharon Rush secretary.

On the executive committee are: District 1: Susan Coleman; District 2: Paul Manke; District 3: Harvey Inman, Mike Cesarini; District 4: Roddy Fernandez, Laurie Wade; District 5: Dale Shapiro, David Daniels; District 6: Lemmie Nelson, Maxi Trotter; District 7: Hardin Franklin, Richard Dunavant.


“Every Republican Voted Against the Inflation Reduction Act” was adopted by the local Democrats as the message on a billboard.

Other suggestions were “Vote in Your Best Interest, Vote Democrat,” and “Young Women Vote in Your Best Interest, Vote Democrat.”

Democrats have been running messages on a local billboard the last few months to inform the public of their party stands.

College Democrat Chapter

The newest four-year school in the University of Tennessee system, UT Southern, in Pulaski, is the only four-year UT school without a college Young Democrats chapter.

Giles County Democrats are working to set up a chapter.

A recent “Donuts with Democrats” event held near campus drew several visitors but few students, according to Rush.

State party officials suggested holding future events at times more likely to attract students, Rush said.

In other business:

• The Giles County Election Commission is purchasing different voting machines, according to local Democratic party member Hardin Franklin.

• Wade was elected to the county Democratic Party Executive Committee. She will represent District 4.

• Local Democrats agreed to have a resolution prepared by Dunavant stating what Democrats believe published in the Pulaski Citizen, which would charge an advertising rate for nonprofit organizations of $90 for a three column wide by five inch deep ad.

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