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County Executive Race Discussed at EDC Meeting

The Giles County Executive’s race drew more attention with an announcement from David Hamilton, director of the EDC, that he was volunteering to work in the campaign of one candidate.

Hamilton made the announcement at the May 25 EDC meeting.

Challenger Graham Stowe is running as a Republican versus incumbent Melissa Greene, an independent.

“I’m very concerned about the county mayor’s race,” Hamilton said.

He said he would be campaigning, but not on time when the EDC would be paying him and was willing to help on any level and wherever he could.

Greene, as Giles County Executive, is on the EDC board. She attended the meeting and did not comment on Hamilton’s remarks.

Hamilton said he not plan to get involved in any other county race or in any city of Pulaski race.

Pulaski Alderman Larry Worsham and J.J. Brindley are running for mayor to replace incumbent Pat Ford, who has said he is not seeking re-election.

Workforce Development

The annual Career Expo, organized by the EDC Workforce Development Committee, was held May 12 and was termed a” tremendous success,” by Carolyn Thompson, committee chairman.

The event drew 348 eighth graders, 239 juniors and 221 seniors, most from the Giles County School System to the Giles County Agri Park.

Forty-two exhibitors attended, a number which also pleased Thompson, and all 16 career clusters were covered, she said.

The expo is intended to direct attention to vocations and employment which does not require attaining a four-year college or university degree, although further training may be needed.

Rebecka Cronin, program officer at the Turner Center at the University of Tennessee Southern, was recognized by Thompson for developing a questionnaire used by students to rate exhibits.

Hamilton donated money for prizes to the top replies for each grade winner.

Eighth grader Kaitlyn Green, Richland Middle School; Samuel Cocker, 11th grade, Richland School and Dawson Wells, 12th grade, Giles County High School, were winners.


EDC board member and Pulaski Mayor Pat Ford suggested members receive financial reports at meetings, which show the amount of money unspent in budget accounts at the time of meetings. The action is expected to take effect at future meetings.

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