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Politicos Studying Local Races for Opportunities to Gain Seats

As votes were sorted nationally in the Nov. 3 presidential election, members of local county political parties were looking to the future as in filling city and county offices with those leaning toward their political views.

This is important, and necessary for county political parties. Presidential elections come along every four years, but the work of local government continues daily, though not with the attention of presidential elections.

Candidates are needed for offices on the city and county level right up to the state representative level, Ton Gattis, Giles County Democratic Party Chairman, said at the group’s recent meeting.

At the September meeting of the county Republican meeting, guest speaker Joe Carr, a former state representative from the Lascassas area of Rutherford County, spoke of the need for counties to elect Republican sheriffs.

Sheriffs, he said, have more authority than some realize,

“We need a new sheriff in Giles County,” Chris Morris, charman of the county Republican Party, said.

At other meetings, he also has promised to work to see more Republican candidates, those who run as members of that party, on the ballot for local offices.

Approximately 13,353 voted in Giles County in the Nov. 3 election, counting same day, absentee and early voting, according to the Giles County Election Commission.

Election results in Giles County from Nov. 3 follow. Totals are unofficial.

President: Donald Trump, incumbent Republican president and vice president Mike Pence had 9,783 votes in Giles County, while vice president Joe Biden and Sen. Kamala Harris had 3,298 votes as the Democratic Party standard bearers,

Seven pairs of independent candidates combined for 121 votes, and another 15 votes were write-ins.

United States Senate: Republican Bill Hagerty, with 9.312 votes, gained almost 75 percent of the Giles County vote. Democrat Marquita Bradshaw had 2,828 votes or almost 23 percent of the vote.

Ronnie Henley had 73 votes and Elizabeth MacLeod 59 votes. Other independent candidates receiving votes were: Kacey Morgan 41, G. Dean Hill 34, Steven J. Hooper 31, Aaron James 29, Yomi “Fapas” Faparusi, Sr., 24, Eric William Stansberry 19, Jeffrey Alan Grunau 13. There were seven write in votes.

Congressman: Incumbent Republican Seventh District Congressman Mark E. Green had 9,054 votes in Giles County, followed by Democrat Kiran Sreepada with 2,652 votes. Independents Ronald Brown had 236 votes and Scott Anthony Vieira Jr., 64 votes. There were four write in votes.

State Senate: Incumbent Republican Sen. Dr. Joey Hensley had 8,708 votes in Giles County, compared to 1,943 votes for independent James Gray. There wee 23 write in votes,

State House of Representatives: Incumbent Republican Clay Doggett was unopposed and had 10,427 votes. There were 119 write in votes.

Ardmore Board of Mayor and Alderman: Incumbent Alderman Garon Hargrove was re-elected with 225 votes.

Former Alderman and Vice Mayor Ken Crosson had 210 votes and Wayne Harvell, another former alderman, also was elected with 186 votes.

Incumbent Alderman Paul Van Manen finished fourth with 122 votes.

Pulaski City Council: Independent Alderman Randy Massey was the leading vote getter with 1,345 votes. Also elected were newcomer Larry Worsham with 1,235 votes and incumbent alderman Ricky Keith with 992 votes.

Newcomers Zaccheus Garrett had 749 votes and John Amlaner 386 votes.

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