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Bill Will Aid Minors Against Ways To Alter Gender Identity

This information comes from the office of 28th District State Sen. Joey Hensley R-Hohenwald, who represents Giles and five other area counties.

The Tennessee General Assembly is at the forefront of a fight to protect minors from irreversible elective procedures to identify as a gender different from their biological sex.

New legislation filed proposes the strongest protections in the nation to prohibit physicians from removing healthy body parts on minors or medical interventions that alter a child’s hormonal balance.

These experimental practices have serious long term physical and mental health consequences for children.

"I am glad to support this legislation, and I will work to see that it is passed in the General Assembly this upcoming session," Hensley said.

Lawmakers committed to ban gender-disfiguring procedures for minors after troubling videos surfaced on social media in September.

Reports from the Daily Wire’s Matt Walsh showed a local medical provider promoting so-called ‘gender-affirming care’ as a “huge money maker.”

Reports raised nationwide awareness and serious ethical concerns about procedures performed on minors at pediatric transgender clinics across the country.

"I am grateful to Matt Walsh for his important investigations into pediatric transgender clinics right here in Middle Tennessee where these types of irreversible medical ‘treatments’ are being pushed on children," Hensley said.

"As a physician myself, it is abhorrent that there are physicians who are touting such detrimental procedures as a cure for a serious mental condition. These physicians should be held accountable under the law, and this legislation will do just that."

The Protecting Children from Gender Mutilation Act, which has been filed as Senate Bill 1, creates a private right of action allowing a minor injured due to a violation of the law to sue for damages. The legislation also allows courts to impose an additional $25,000 penalty for each violation.

The Protecting Children from Gender Mutilation Act:

• Creates a private right of action allowing a minor or the parent of a minor injured as a result of the violation to sue for damages.

• Allows a child to bring a civil cause of action against a parent if a parent consented to the violation on the minor’s behalf.

• Allows courts to impose a $25,000 penalty per violation.

• Requires the state attorney general to establish a process for reporting violation of the law.

• Allows the state attorney general to bring an action against a health care provider for knowingly violating the law within 20 years of the violation.

• The bill makes exceptions for children born with chromosomal anomalies or congenital defects.

Protecting Minors from Sexually Explicit Drag Shows

Other legislation filed recently bans sexually explicit drag shows from being performed where minors are present on public or private property.

Senate Bill 3 would require that patrons entering a private property hosting a sexually explicit drag show must show ID to prove they are 18 or older.

In a couple incidents across the state these types of so called “family friendly” drag shows have been performed in front of children. Any sort of show that is sexual in nature is inappropriate for children. Period.

"I am happy to support these bills, and I will certainly keep you updated on their status as the move through the General Assembly in 2023 General Assembly," Hensley said.

Sen. Hensley may be contacted at 425 Rep. John Lewis Way N., Suite 742, Nashville, TN 37243, at 615-741-3100, toll Free at 1-800-449-8366 ext. 13100, or by fax at 615-253-0231.

His district address is 855 Summertown Highway, Hohenwald, TN 38462, by telephone at 931-796-2018, by cell phone at 931-212-8823 or E-mail:

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