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Democratic Party Principles

This resolution of principles and beliefs recently was adopted by the Giles County Democratic Party.

This resolution of principles and goals recently was adopted by the Giles County Democratic Party Executive Committee.

Whereas the Giles County Democratic Executive Committee represents rank and file Democrats living in Giles County, Tennessee;

And whereas said body submits its statement of principles and goals to better inform our citizens in making voting decisions;

Now, therefore, be it resolved by the Executive Committee that this resolution be provided to the people for said purpose.

Principles and Goals

1. To build a strong economy with jobs and training for growth, wages that support families and high speed broadband access for all.

2. To secure our future through education including support for those who enable all students to learn, the same involving professional pay for teachers, quality facilities, funding to support education in urban and rural areas, and content and curriculum based on facts, not politics.

3. To ensure the right to quality healthcare. This includes policies that support healthcare treatment, preventive care and a progressive approach to maternal and child health and a woman’s reproductive choices.

4. To fortify our liberty through free and fair elections, including allowing first time voters to vote absentee, automatic voter registration and activating an army of Democratic poll workers and watchers.

To continue to support such progressive programs such as Social Security, Medicare, other government health insurance and access to mental health services.

Thomas Gattis,

Chairman Giles County Democratic Executive Committee

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