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Don't Give Up on Memphis

Tennessee Democratic Party Chair Hendrell Remus

Gives Statement on Violent Week in Memphis

The pain and anguish that has been inflicted upon Memphis over the corse of the last week has been unimagineable.

It has been saddening to watch and read about the violence that plagues my hometown. Lives have been lost, families are left in grief, and a city is once again trying to figure out what comes next.

The reality of violent crime has never been more prevalent, and the need for a better alternative is required.

When people feel as though they have nothing to live for, and nothing to lose, they will do anything. Unfortunately, for the people of Memphis, some of their neighbors have chosen violence as a means for survival.

Today, it’s up to each of us to do our part to ensure that tomorrow is safer and more promising than yesterday. There is no more perfect solution to crime prevention, but it starts with creating opportunities and making sure that our criminal justice system is reformed so that we are laser focused on prosecuting violent offenders.

It starts with connecting children and families struggling in poverty with resources and outlets to avoid the pitfalls of criminal activity.

It starts with making sure that we’re not just releasing prisoners back into society but partnering with organizations to help make sure that their transition doesn’t result in recidivism.

It starts with each of us being more vigilant but also more willing to speak.

No amount of cameras or more cops on the beat will be able to make up for the lack of investment that have been made in low income communities and underfunded schools.

No amount of anger or blaming will be able to heal the hurt that families of violent crime have felt or the fear that innocent citizens feel while trying to just survive on a daily basis.

It will take action. International investments into a better future with the understanding that reducing crime will take a whole community approach.

We can’t give up on Memphis, but together we can make it safer.

(This statement was issued by the Tennessee Democratic Party on Sept. 8 after some murders in and around Memphis. )

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