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Election Results

Bill Hagerty carried Giles County, in spite of a strong local showing by challenger Dr. Manny Sethi, in the Aug. 6 Republican primary.

In other election results, a sales tax and use referendum increase was soundly defeated in Giles County, and incumbent Tommy Hyatt outlasted a crowded field to win re-election as property tax assessor.

Clay Doggett, 70th District State Representative, R-Pulaski and 28th District State Sen. Joey Hensley, R-Hohenwald, were unopposed in primary elections. Hensley will have an independent opponent in the Nov. 3 election, during which voters also will choose a president of the United States.

Vote numbers were unofficial. 

United States Senator

Incumbent senator Lamar Alexander is not running for re-election, which led several candidates to battle in the statewide Republican Primary,

Hagerty, former United States Ambassador to Japan, was endorsed by President Donald Trump. Hagerty also is the former head of the Tennessee Department of Economic and Community Development.

In Giles County, Hagerty received 1,819 votes to 1,579 for Sethi, who was supported by several members of the Giles County Republican Party.

Others who received votes in the Republican Primary were: Dr. George S. Flinn, Jr. 82 votes; Clifford Atkins 54 votes; Jon Henry 53 votes; Natisha Brooks 46 votes; Dr. Byron Bush 34 votes; John E. Osborne 21 votes; Tom Emerson Jr., 16 votes; Terry Dicus 12 votes; Aaron L. Pettigrew, Roy Dale Cope 7 each; Kent A. Morrell, Glen L. Neal Jr., David Schuster 6 each.

Some of these candidates had attended a forum sponsored by the Giles County Republican Party,

There were five write-in votes.

Democratic Primary

Winner of the Democratic nomination for Alexander’s seat was Marquita Bradshaw, Memphis, who carried Giles County with 341 votes, followed by Robin Kimbrough, 230 votes and James Mackler, 209 votes.

Mackler had stepped aside in a previous race for the nomination in favor of former governor Phil Bredesen, who had run unsuccessfully against Marsha Blackburn who replaced former senator Bob Corker. Mackler was considered a favorite for the Democratic nomination,

Gary G. Davis had 189 votes and Mark Pickrell 63 votes.

Seventh District Congressman

Incumbent Congressman Mark Green, R-Ashland City, carried Giles County with 2,975 votes. Democratic candidate Kiran Sreepada had 810 votes in his party’s primary.

Both candidates have come to Giles County.

State Legislature

Hensley carried Giles County with 2,948 votes and Doggett had 3,561 votes in a separate race.

Democratic State Executive Committeeman, District 28

Gregory D. Hanners had 859 votes in Giles County.

Sales and Use Tax Referendum

More than 70 percent of voters, 2,652, voted against the referendum, which would have applied mostly to areas outside Pulaski and 1,111 voted it. Most proceeds were intended for county schools.

Public Defender

Travis Jones, running unopposed in the Republican Primary, had 3,468 votes.

Circuit Judge

Incumbent Judge Chris Sockwell, a Republican, received 3,487 votes.

County Races

Tax Assessor

Hyatt running as an independent, was re-elected to a third term, with 2,105 votes. Taking second was Tracy Woodard Armstrong with 1,483 votes, followed by Nell Maultsby, 683; Tommy Gowan, 439; Carl “Bookie” Evans, 365 votes.

Superintendent of Roads

Barry Hyatt, running unopposed as an independent for re-election, received 4.387 votes.

School Board Races

Mary McCloud defeated incumbent Tommy R. Pope 446-297 in District 2; incumbent Katie Journey defeated Leigh Rena Brymer 641-186, District 4; and Willa Sherrell Smith defeated incumbent Debra Poole Tillman 291-252, District 6.

County commissioners had chosen Tillman to fill the vacant schhol board seat prior to the election, and Smith reversed the outcome on Aug. 6.

County Commissioners

Incumbent James Harold Brooks did not qualify to be on the ballot for the Seventh District County Commissioner vacancy but gained enough of the 27 write in votes to regain his seat.

Brooks had been chosen by commisioners to fill a vacancy from the Seventh District.

Joseph E. Sutton and Larry Worsham, who also had been chosen to fill vacancies in the Sixth District, were re-elected with 374 and 300 votes respectively,

Town of Lynnville

Former Mayor Robert White received 67 votes to regain his seat while incumbent Mayor Floyd Pratt had 24 and Alderman Patty Patterson had 10 votes.

City of Elkton

Re-elected were Aldermen Bobby L. Sherrell with 73 votes, Payton Blade 64 and Bill Bonjour 60 votes.

City of Minor Hill

Incumbent Roger Thompson had 64 and Chad Ingram 60 votes. Both were elected to the board.

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