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Giles County Democrats Working To Increase Public Exposure

Giles County Democrats have increased attempts to start a Democratic party chapter at the University of Tennessee Southern and are looking for other ways to increase their presence in the community.

Recently local Democrats held a series of meetings, Donuts With Democrats, featuring speakers at the Second Street Coffee House, Pulaski, to promote their visibility.

Speakers came from the Tennessee Equality Project, the Giles County Branch of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, Wayne Steele, a candidate for the Fourth Congressional District seat and speakers from the Giles County Democrats.

In August, Maxie Trotter, a member of the Giles County Election Commission, told local Democrats that 16 percent of those eligible voted in the Aug. 4 election.

Democrats need to carefully pick those candidates for whom they vote, one person said.

“We need to find out which ones are Democrats and vote for them.” Richard Dunnavant, a local Democrat, said.

“This is where we need to do our work.”

“All politics is local,” Hardin Franklin, another Democrat, said.

To spur a larger Democratic turnout, Tom Gattis, Giles County Democratic Party Chairman, suggested setting up telephone banks for volunteers to use.

Part of the Tennessee Democratic Party’s plan to turn out more voters is to contact more people through the use of phone banks, which the state party will help local parties set up.

In other business:

• Paul Manke, local blogger, was elected as an at large member of the county executive committee and will represent District 2.

• Giles County Democrats recently set up a voter registration booth at the University of Tennessee Southern to encourage students to register to vote.

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