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Giles NAACP Asked to Back Rights of LGBT+ Community

Members of the Giles County NAACP have been presented with a resolution opposed to the alleged persecution of the LGBTQ+ Community.

At the July 26 meeting of the county branch of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, Keidron Turner, active in activities of the Giles County chapter, presented a statement saying that community use of “drag” “contradicts the applicability of state statute, contradicts the strict interpretation of the freedom of expression found within our U.S. Constitution and has wrongfully caused division over a minority community that should not and will not be silenced.”

Because not all activities involving drag are erotic or sexually explicit, according to the statement, members of the LGBT+ and those of advocacy groups such as the NAACP understand “drag” “as a means to artistically express the pride associated with a minority community that has been silenced for decades.

“Activities such as Pulaski Pride’s Drag Show are appropriate,, protected within the confines of state/constitutional law and cannot be prohibited from occurring in the future.

“False inaccurate claims made by candidates, current offiicials and politically-charged media sources on this issue have incited many citizens to engage in hate speech, and other prejudices against the LGBTQ+ community in Giles County, and we all must work to remind ourselves that this type of inciteful, prejudicial rhetoric is not longer tolerated within our county borders.”

The statement also noted that the local NAACP branch, in consultation with the NAACP Tennessee State Conference is prepared to file legal action.


To keep education progressing in local schools, Hardin Franklin, an NAACP member, urged school boards to pay teachers higher salaries, which would also aid in the retention of teachers.

The NAACP usually spends part of each meeting discussing local school matters.

As the opening of schools nears, it was mentioned that many vacancies exist on all levels. of the school system.

In other business:

• Branch president Joseph Sutton said nominations will be sought for two-year branch officer positions, with a list of proposed officers to be presented later this year.

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