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Giles Republicans Re-elect Morris as Party Chairman

The Giles County Republican Party is in good shape but cannot get complacent either, according to county party chairman Chris Morris.

Morris was re-elected to a second term with no opposition at the county Republican Party’s annual two year reorganization convention in April.

He said, however, that he does not plan to run again in two years.

“I’m proud of the county. We have some good strong leaders,” he said.

Some Republicans on the state level are not true conservative members of the party, he said, as he criticized 92nd District State Rep. Todd Warner, who represents Williamson and Marshall counties.

Warner has called for Lieutenant Gov. Randy McNally’s resignation over some messages that McNally, the state’s lieutenant governor, left on social media.

“I want Todd Warner gone,” Morris said.

One legislator he praised was 5th District Congressman Andy Ogles, who is a former Maury County Executive.

Questions have been raised about information in Ogles’ biography and about the Ogles family picture in which members carry what appear to be automatic weapons, criticism which Morris dismissed.

“Andy is voting very conservatively,” Morris said.

Ogles and Warner have come to Giles County Republican Party meetings.

The party met monthly until last August’s general election, which saw County Executive Graham Stowe elected over incumbent Melissa Greene and the election of some county commissioners who ran as Republicans.

Since then the party has met sparingly, though plans are to meet in early May.

Morris, a Republican member of the Giles County Election Commission, said Republicans are needed to serve with Democrats as poll workers in voting places scattered through the seven districts in Giles County.

Efforts will be made to prevent comments from being made at polling places that favor any one side, he said.

Because Republicans are the dominant political party in Tennessee, mostly based on voting, three of the county’s five election commissioners are selected by that party and two by the county Democratic Party.

Republicans also need to continue working hard, Morris sad, noting that Democrats are continuing to work hard.

Angie McClanahan, District 28 chairwoman, presided over the election of county party officers since Morris was a candidate for re-election.

Besides Morris, Giles County Commissioner Annelle Guthrie was re-elected vice chairman, Connie Howell as secretary and Bill Wendt treasurer. Chuck Boggs was named vice treasurer.

In other business:

• The next monthly meeting of the county Republicans will be in May at the Elks Lodge on West College Street.

A date and speaker for the meeting have not been announced.

• Elections will be held in 2024 to fill the final years of Maurice Woodard’s term as a Seventh District County Commissioner.

Woodard resigned,and the Giles County Commission has appointed Tammy Mathis to fill the vacancy until next year’s election.

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