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Giles Republicans Win Seats

Updated: Sep 27, 2022

“ I think Giles Countians did a fabulous job,” Chris Morris, chairman of the county Republican Party, said at the Sept. 11 meeting of the Republican party.

This was the first meeting of the county Republicans since the Aug. 4 County General Election when Graham Stowe was elected county executive, and the influence of Republican votes was noticed in choosing county commissioners.

“Expect the unexpected,” Morris said was the advice he would have given on Aug. 3, the day before the county general polling.

City of Ardmore and city of Pulaski elections will be held Nov. 8,

As Giles County Republican Party Chairman, Morris has stressed the election of conservatives.

In the August election, Morris said Republicans ran well in several parts of the county.

Republicans swept the top three seats in the Fifth District and also did well in the Fourth District, he said.

Brad Butler, running as a Republican, had 471 votes, while another incumbent Gayle Jones had 444 and Matt Rubelsky, a third Republican, had 429 votes in District 5.

In District 4, Republican Caleb Savage had 575 votes and another Republican, Matthew Hopkins had 427 votes.

Democrats traditionally run strong in the Seventh District though Republican Maurice Woodard won a county commission seat there.

In District 3, Republican Annelle Peters Guthrie came in second in the county commissioner’s race and was elected.

Terry Jones and David Wamble, running as Republicans, were elect county commissioners in District 2.

Elkton Alderman Jim Lathrop won his first try for county commissioner in the First District where he was the leading vote getter.

School Board member Jim Stewart, running as a Republican, lost by just a handful of votes in the First District in a bid for re-election to Chris McAlister, running as an independent.

“What’s happening in Giles County?” 70th District State Representative Clay Doggett said he was asked after it was reported that attorney Caleb Bayless was elected by a wide margin in his first bid for circuit judge, and Circuit Judge Chris Sockwell was also re-elected.

Also, on the Republican ticket, circuit judges Russ Parkes and David Allen were re-elected.

Apart from discussing candidates, Morris said poll workers were needed at voting sites.

Workers from not just one but from both major political parties are sought, he said..

Doggett will be on the ballot Nov, 8 though no candidate qualified to oppose him.

He spoke about some legislation passed during the previous session and on other matters.

Regarding grants “there are so many grants available out there,” he said,

“If If you know what you want ask for it,” Doggiest said, adding that otherwise, those after grants have to keep looking,

Grants come in many amounts with differing restrictions, he said.

Other legislation passed this year requires those sentenced to pass more of their sentences before becoming eligible for parole.

Eight offenses were added to the list, he said,noting that Governor Bill Lee did not sign the legislation, allowing the legislation to take effect without his signature.

Lots of bills and resolutions are introduced into state House of Representative committees, though not every one passes, he said.

Doggett was on the Criiminal Justice Subcommittee, Naming and Designating, Agriculture and Natural Resources and Criminal Justice committees.


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