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Legislative Update

2021 Legislation Recap

After all was said and done, here’s what made it through and what didn’t according to information from State Rep. Clay Doggett, R-Pulaski.

Doggett represents the 70th District, which includes all of Giles and part of Lawrence counties, in the Tennessee House of Representatives,

• House Bill 693 - To establish a House and Senate committee to review new executive laws and orders from the federal government, comment on their constitutionality, bring recommendations to the General Assembly, and require the Attorney General to take up any law suit. Killed in the Senate.

• House Bill 870 - To prioritize payment of victim’s restitution before court costs, fines, and fees. Passed and headed to the Governor’s desk!

• House Bill 899 - Creates civil remedies for those who have firearms confiscated illegally without due process. Killed in the Senate.

• House Bill 902 - Bans state agencies from compiling a gun registry for enforcing federal or state gun control acts. Passed into law and takes effect July 1!

• House Bill 904 - Provides orders of protection to those acting as confidential informants to Law Enforcement. Takes effect July 1!

• House Bill 905 - Requires newly constructed public buildings to accommodate adult changing table stations for those with disabilities. Sent to summer study.

• House Bill 908 - Removes anonymous Department of Children Services reporting in favor of confidential reporting; allows parents to go before a judge and show cause of harassment to release the name of the caller. Sent to summer study.

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