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Legislators Get High Ratings from Conservative group

Two legislators representing Giles County in the Tennessee State Legislature have received high marks from the American Conservative Union, based on the 2021 session.

State Sen. Joey Hensley, MD, R-Hohenwald, represents the 28th district and state Rep. Clay Doggett, R- Pulaski, represents the 70th District.

Hensley represents Giles, Lawrence, Lewis, Maury, Wayne and Perry counties, while Doggett represents Giles and most of Lawrence counties.

Doggett had an 83 percent rating in the 2021 session, an 81 percent rating in the 2020 session rating and an 86 percent lifetime rating.

Hensley, who has an 85 percent lifetime rating, registered an 82 percent rating in 2021, up sharply from 62 percent in 2020.

Some 84 roll call votes were used in the ACU ratings. Issues included banning government vaccine passports, changing certificate of need rules, making Tennessee a gun rights “sanctuary state,” banning students from participating in sports not corresponding to the gender listed at birth, opting out of federal unemployment benefit enhancements and banning “critical race theory” in schools.

From nearby districts, State Rep. Scott Cepicky, a Republican from Maury County in the 64th District, had an 80 percent rating in 2021, 79 percent in 2020 for an 85 percent lifetime rating.

Ed Jackson, a Republican state senator from Jackson in the 27th District, received an 83 percent rating in 2022 and 76 percent in 2021 for an 85 percent lifetime rating.

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