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Local State Representative Re-elected; Other Reps Aren't

State Rep. Clay Doggett, a Republican representing the 70th District of all Giles and most of Lawrence counties, voted earlier this year in favor of a resolution criticizing the media for allegedly sensational reporting on the coronavirus.

He also avoided the fate that befell some legislators who voted the same way.

Doggett was one of 55 state representatives to support the resolution. He was re-elected in 2020 to another two-year term and was unopposed.

Since June, when the resolution was approved, six Republican legislators who supported the resolution either retired or lost re-election bids in 2020,

State Rep. David Byrd, a Republican from Waynesboro, has been hospitalized and in December was placed on a ventilator as part of treatment to battle the virus.

Byrd also voted in favor of the resolution as did two other state representatives infected with the virus.

Part of this story is based on information in a story in the Tennessee Journal.

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