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Persistence Pays Dividends

Persistence paid off for Elaine Booth. Her ticket was the last drawn in the annual reverse drawing for a 2022 Chevrolet Spark, a grand door prize given away by the Pulaski Exchange Club. Mrs. Booth has bought tickets to the annual drawing for a vehicle for several years, from her husband Dewitt, a long time Exchange Club member. The Booths have three children: J. T. Booth, Amanda Smith and Patrick Lancaster. When called with the good news by her husband, Elaine Booth immediately came to radio station WKSR on East College Street, site of the drawing that was broadcast by the station and on Facebook Live, where the Chevrolet Spark was parked. “This year’s 42nd annual fundraiser went off without a hitch, “ Patrick Gilbert, an Exchange Club member, said. “A special thanks goes out to the dedicated members who led the charge and sold all tickets distributed. DeWitt Booth, “Ed Murrey, Sylvia Harrison, and Ollie Johnson helped lead the team with their individual contributions, but it was definitely a team effort with everyone pitching in to make sure the event was successful. “Fred Lindsey made sure our drawing was organized , and our ping pong ball machine made for a great visual on Facebook Live for guests to watch as prize winners were announced.” Ping pong balls with numbers of the approximately 380 tickets sold were drawn from a machine that shook up the balls so the order of the balls drawn was random. Organizations and causes in Pulaski and throughout Giles County are winners. from the proceeds of the event. Many improvements at Exchange Park, ranging from paying for improved lights, Little League baseball, Giles County Rural Food Delivery, New Canaan Ranch, The Pouring Spot, helping pay for a piece of vision testing equipment for the Giles County Schools, Boys and Girls State, Boys and Girls Club, the Giles County Public Library, military veterans, the Giles County Humane Association and the Excel Club at Giles County High School are among groups and causes helped by the Exchange Club, The Exchange Club also recognizes a law enforcement officer annually and recognizes several high school students from Giles County and Richland high schools in picking two students of the year with one entered in state Exchange Club competition. Also recognized annually from one high school is a winner of the club’s ACE (Accepting the Challenge of Excellence) winner, whose name is entered in state Exchange Club competition. The Exchange Club meets most Tuesdays except the first week of the month at 11:45 a.m. at Hickory House Restaurant. The club does not meet in December. Of the 10 tickets drawn Nov. 19, the last one drawn received the Spark. Holders of the other nine tickets also received substantial door prizes. “Butch Menefee, Chad Asup, Casey Cardin and Ty Garrett with WKSR played the event up and helped to make this year’s activity entertaining and eventful.” Gilbert said. “We are all blessed to be a part of such a special civic club that does so many positive things in our community.”

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