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Qualifiers Listed

Two candidates, who have not run against each other before, have qualified to run for Giles County Executive in the Aug.4 county general election.

Incumbent Melissa Greene will seek a second term, while Republican Graham Stowe will make his second attempt.

Each has faced a common opponent. Greene defeated former county executive Janet Vanzant, while Stowe has lost to Vanzant for the position in another election.

In other county races, incumbent Tammy Helton is running for re-election as register of deeds, Kyle Helton for another term as sheriff and Robert C. (Chip) Richardson, Jr., as general sessions judge.

Helton and Richardson Jr., are unopposed, while Republican John Mitchell is opposing Helton.

For trustee, Janice Curtis is not seeking another term, while Tony Risner and Carlie Eubank are running for the position.

In the circuit court clerk's race, incumbent Natalie Bass Oakley has qualified to run for re-election. She is unopposed.

Incumbent County Clerk Carol Wade has qualified to run for re-election. She is opposed by Republican Leigh Rena Brymer.

County Commissioners

All county commissioners also are on the Aug. 4 ballot with three elected from each of seven districts.

• District 1: Incumbents Joyce Woodard and Erin Curry qualified. James Lathrop, an Elton alderman, qualified as a Republican.

• District 2: Incumbents Stoney Jackson, Tracy Wilburn and David Wamble qualified to run for re-election. Wamble, attorney Thomas J. Dancison, Jr., and Terry Jones are running as Republicans, and Harold Young is running as an independent.

* District 3: Incumbents David Adams, Mike Cesarini and Tim Rsiner qualified for re-election, Morgan Flowers and Tammy Pierchoski are running as independents, and Annelle Peters Guthrie as a Republican.

• District 4: Incumbents Roger Reedy and Duane Jones have qualified to run for re-election. George Witt is running as an independent, and Matthew Hopkins, Chris McCartney and Caleb Savage are running as Republicans.

• District 5: Incumbents Tommy Pollard, Brad Butler and Gaye Jones qualified for re-election, Butler, Jones and Matt Rubelsky are running, as Republicans. Former commissioner Lois Aymett, Katie Whitfield and Bobby J. Morgan are running as independents,

• District 6: Incumbents Rose Yvonne Brown and Joseph Sutton qualified to run for re-election. Republicans Mayur Patel and Phil Glover and independent Evan Baddour also qualified.

* District 7: Incumbents Terry Harwell, and Judith C. (Judy) Pruett qualified to run for re-election, Republicans Jeff Adams, Michael Harmon and Maurice E. Woodard are running as Republicans, and Shelly Goolsby is running as an independent.

School Board

One school board member represents each district.

• District 1: Incumbent Jim Stewart qualified to run for re-election. Chris McAlister is running as an independent.

• District 3: LeAnn Gordon is running as an independent and Dale Berry as a Republican.

• District 4: Gary (Scooter) Sumners has qualified as an independent and Derek Rowe as a Republican for the seat vacated in mid term by Katie Journey.

• District 5: Incumbent Richie Brewer is running unopposed as a Republican.

• District 7: Incumbent Knox Vanderpool is running unopposed as an independent.

State Office

• State Rep. Clay Doggett, R-Pulaski, qualified to run for re-election from the 70th District. he is unopposed.

City Positions

• City of Elkton Mayor: No one qualified. Jimmy Dean Caldwell is the incumbent.

• City of Elkton Aldermen: Incumbent Bill Cary and Ryan Gilland qualified.

• City of Lynnville: Floyd Pratt qualified. He is a former mayor and alderman.

• City of Minor Hill Mayor: Incumbent Tracy Wilburn qualified.

• City of Minor Hill Alderman: Bill Sacharnoski, a former alderman, qualified to finish an unexpired term.

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