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Republicans Talk Redistricting

The political link between Giles and Lawrence counties may start to fray if changes are made in the area political map due to redistricting.

State Sen. Joey Hensley R-Hohenwald has lost Lawrence, Wayne and Perry counties while keeping Giles, Lewis and Maury counties in the 28th District. He also may pick up Marshall County, in another preliminary change.

Meanwhile, 70th District State Rep. Clay Dogget R-Pulaski appears to have retained Lawrence County in his district, gained part of Lincoln County and kept his home county, Giles.

The Tennessee State Senate and House of Representatives have formed separate redistricting committees, a process to adjust senate and house district boundaries to take in changes in population which may have occurred in the past 10 years or since the last census.

These changes will not be final until final approval by the State Senate and State House of Representatives, pending review by each chamber’s judiciary committees.

Ties between Giles and Lawrence counties are deep. Giles County and Lawence counties enjoyed a long football season series, the Butter Bowl, for many years.

“While the map is legal and fair to most of the state, I do not agree with changes made to the 28th district,” Hensley said in his weekly newsletter.

“I do not agree with Perry, Wayne and Lawrence counties being paired with West Tennessee Districts.

“While I understand the population shifts necessitate changes to the district, these counties need to be combined with other counties in Middle Tennessee that have similar issues, so that they are in closer proximity to their senator.”

Mission America Foundation

Drew Lonergan spoke for the Mission America Foundation, an organization dedicated eliminating child and human trafficking, according to his information.

Mission America uses prior military personnel and others to investigate trafficking leads and provide intelligence to law enforcement agencies, according to a handout from the speaker.

The organization also provides self defense training to combat human trafficking to boys and girls, Lonergan said.

Lonergan and others have been talking to state legislators and others to build support for their cause.

Andy Ogles

The County Mayor of Maury County, Ogles has been mentioned as a candidate for governor, which could pit him against incumbent Bill Lee, who is eligible to seek his second term.

Ogles has no announced his intentions.

He has attended past meetings of the Giles County Republican Party.

Ogles has not favored mandates to require wearing masks to combat the spread of Covid 19, which he said should be an individual decision.

Helping persuade him to run for public office was former State Representative Sheila Butt, he said.

Those who have dealt with him know that he is not afraid to speak his mind, Ogles said.

“Whatever I do has to be the right thing for Maury County,” he said.

Tom Dancison

An area attorney, Dancison presented the legal case for conservatism as if in a court room.

Conservatism has been under fire in schools, where the future of children is at stake, and over abortion, he noted.

It’s important to elect representatives on all levels of government who have conservative principles, Dancison said.


“The budget is going to be a big item this year,” Hensley said of the upcoming state legislative session.

The county Republican meeting was held before the Tennessee State Senate redistricting committee had recommended a revised plan, which will eventually come before the full Senate for a decision.

While redistricting is taking place this year, Hensley served as four year term as state senator and his term will not end until 2024.


The next monthly February meeting of the Giles County Republican Party will be Feb. 7 as the party considers going back to meeting the first Monday of the month instead of the second.

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