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Speaking Politically

Speaking Politically (Through Jan. 17)

Like other parts of Tennessee and the country, political activity is picking up as attention shifts to this year’s state and federal elections.

Several local elections also may take place, but much of the emphasis of this column will be on state and regional elections.

This column is written by Paul Manke and is intended to concentrate on some issues in Giles and surrounding counties.


The first draft of the State Senate redistricting maps has come out, and State Senator Joey Hensley R-Hohenwald is not pleased at losing three of his six counties.

Hensley will lose Lawrence, Wayne and Perry counties, while keeping Lewis, his home county; Maury and Giles County.

“While the map is legal and fair to most of the state, I do not agree with changes made in the 28th District,” Hensley said, in his weekly column.

The map he referred to was the composite one of all changes recommended in districts statewide.

“I do not agree with Perry, Wayne and Lawrence counties being paired with West Tennessee Districts,” he said.

“While I understand the population shifts necessitate changes to the district, these counties need to be combined with other counties in Middle Tennessee that have similar issues, so they are in closer proximity to their senator.”

Proposed changes will go to the State Senate Judiciary Committee for review and then all changes will go to the State Legislature for review and final approval. More changes are possible because of population growth in Tennessee.

In the State House, that chamber’s redistricting committee also issued its map. State Rep. Clay Doggett R-Pulaski will continue to represent his home county, Giles, though no comment has been received from him.

Changes will be forwarded to the House Judiciary Committee for review and then to the State House of Representatives for review and final approval.

Staff Change

Doggett, who represents the 70th District of all Giles and much of Lawrence counties, has a different staff assistant.

Emily Hamby, a Giles County High School graduate, was with Doggett, who announced plans to run for re-election at a get-together at the Barn on Haywood Creek, Jan. 8.

Doggett was elected to two-year terms in 2018 and 2020.

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