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State Rep Describes Republican Accomplishments

Marshall County State Representative Todd Warner talked about the accomplishments of Republicans and endorsed Graham Stowe, the party endorsed candidate for Giles County executive at the June meeting of the Giles County Republican Party.

With 28th District State Sen. Joey Hensley R-Hohenwald, 70th District State Rep. Clay Doggett R-Pulaski and Warner R-Chapel Hill, and 64th District State Rep. Scott Cepicky R-Culleoka, this area of South Central Tennessee enjoys a strong conservative political base, according to Chris Morris, Giles County Republican Party chairman.

“Out of the 99 state representatives (in the state) we’ve got three of the top five, in this area,” Morris said.

He also praised State Sen. Janice Bowling R-Tullahoma for her conservative principles.

Warner, from the 92nd district, represents Marshall and parts of Lincoln. Franklin and Marion counties.

With redistricting, the boundaries will adjust, and he will pick up part of Spring Hill.

The right to carry weapons without a permit and extra funds to help the city of Memphis were among accomplishments of the recent legislative session, he said.

“Memphis has the second highest crime rate in the United States,” and not enough police officers, he said.

Legislation was approved to allow hiring officers who live outside Shelby County, he said.

“i was one of 19 legislators who voted not to give the (Tennessee) Titans money to build a stadium,” he said.

He also supported legislation not to teach comparative racial theory in schools.

One shortcoming this year was the failure to pass bills of rights for those involved with schools, he said.

“Even with supermajorities in the legislature, we were unable to get it done,” he said.

in one committee, a second could not be obtained to move some legislation forward, he said.

In other business:

• Morris acknowledged the candidacies of Angie McClanahan, Columbia; and Julie Quan, Lewisburg, for 28th District Executive Committeewoman.

• Jason Guthrie, a Giles County resident, pointed out alleged inconsistencies in regulations for the Giles County Agri-Park.

He was also critical of rules that allowed certain groups to use the public place.

• Stowe, who is running against incumbent county executive Melissa Greene, said elections are important because they give voters a chance to take positions.

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