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Face masks required at Giles Democrats Meetings

Those attending Giles County Democratic Party meetings will need to wear facemasks or present evidence of a negative covid 19 test within seven days of the meeting as preparations also continue for the club’s annual fundraiser on Oct. 23.

Hendrell Remus, recently elected Tennessee Democratic Party Chairman, will speak at the 1 p.m. fund raiser at the Giles Agri-Park.

Tickets will cost $20, according to Lemmie Ogedengebe, from the local party’s Budget and Fundraising Committee.

Sheila Ordway will be the caterer, and pavillion rental will be $125, according to the meeting minutes.

State Convention

Elected to the county party executive committee at the state convention were Scott Guthrie, Pam Guthrie, District 3; Roddy Fernandez, District 4; Dale Shapiro, David Daniels, District 5; Ogedengebe, District 6; Hardin Franklin, District 7.

At large members, who were elected, included: Richard Dunnavant, Susan Coleman, Mike Cesarini, Maxie Trotter and Harvey Inman.

Gattis was re-elected county party chairman and Lisa Prukop vice chairman. Sharon Rush was elected secretary and Carol McComiskey treasurer.

In other business:

• Members voted not to ask for a Democratic Party primary in the 22nd Judicial District in the 2022 elections.

• The county party’s candidate recruitment committee continues seeking candidates for offices such as the school board and the county commission

• Arranging to allow spectators to view the meeting through zoom also was approved, and the next meeting will be at The Event Center, 410 North 1st St.

• In his report, Cesarini said county commissioners repealed land use regulations at their last meeting without substituting anything to replace them.

Commissioners plan to develop a replacement plan, he said, adding that getting rid of land use regulation was considered a victory for those opposed to zoning.

A move to change the commission meeting time from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. did not pass, he said.

• Trotter, a Giles County Election Commissioner, said the commission has agreed to upgrade voting machines.

“People are still registering to vote,” he said.

Efforts continue to find a location to replace Richland Trace Market as a voting location in that precinct, he said.

• Cheri Thomas, a University of Tennessee Southern faculty member, who is working to form a Democrats group, will be aided by McComiskey.

Julie Doolin, with the state Democratic Party, is registering college democrats, according to Gattis.

• Gattis also said he would contact the state party on publishing local Democratic Party resolutions to let the public know about party stands.

• Dunnavant, a long time Democrat, said it was important not to favor candidates, while Rush said sole Democratic candidates in a race could be promoted, Cesarini said the candidate qualifying deadline is in April.

• Scott Guthrie suggested Democrats promote county wide broad band.

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