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Legislator Criticizes Hamas Armed Invasion of Israel

Updated: Oct 24, 2023

This information comes from the office of 28th District State Sen. Joey Hensley, MD, R-Hohenwald, who represents Giles, Lewis, Marshall, Maury and part of Williamson County. The Tennessee General Assembly has issued a proclamation condemning in the strongest possible terms the invasion of Israel by the terrorist group known as Hamas. The proclamation demonstrates that Tennesseans and their legislature stand united in support for Israel and against those who seek to destroy America’s strongest ally in the Middle East. As the proclamation states, Tennessee stands with the people of Israel in this time of crisis, and we express our unequivocal support for the nation of Israel.

"We fully support Israel’s ability to use force and their military might to defend themselves from terrorists; and we will not allow evil organizations and their supporters to lessen our resolve to stand shoulder to shoulder with Israel," according to Hensley. On the morning of Saturday, Oct. 7, terrorists stormed Israel’s border from Gaza and murdered 1,400 people – mostly civilians -, including 31 Americans. An additional 3,000 people were wounded and about 200 people, including Americans, were taken hostage. They remain in Gaza as of this writing. After Hamas’ barbaric attack, Israel not only has a right, but a responsibility to defend itself by completely destroying the terrorist organization. This attack was Israel’s 911. It was an attack not only on Israel, but also on civilization itself. Israel, with the support of America and her other allies, must do everything it can do ensure this horrific massacre does not happen again. Hamas is not merely Israel’s problem; the terror group is also an enemy of the United States. Hamas and numerous other Islamic terror groups hate America as passionately as they hate Israel. The same murderers who beheaded women and children would do the same here if given the opportunity. We must recognize that terrorism is never far from us. For that reason, among many others, we must immediately secure our borders.

Countless individuals have poured illegally into our country. These people are completely unknown, un-vetted, and many may share Hamas’ murderous ideology and could do us harm. We must prevent that from happening. "I also support recent legislation by Tennessee Sen. Marsha Blackburn that aims to prevent U.S. aid to Palestinians from being stolen by Hamas.

"It’s imperative we do everything we can to ensure our investments in humanitarian aid do not inadvertently fund Hamas and their terrorist activities," according to Hensley. Sadly, the horrific massacre in Israel has also revealed widespread support for Hamas in America and throughout the West.

Before Israel even began its counter offensive, pro-Palestine protests were held in cities throughout the country and world.

Make no mistake: these protests were in support of Hamas. Anti-Semitism and support for terrorism has been on display not only on the streets of our cities, but at many of America’s most prestigious universities, in newsrooms throughout the country and within our government. "As was the case following 911, I hope this massacre helps bring us closer as a nation and inspires us to stand up stronger to the forces working against us," according to Hensley. Israel is not only in a military battle of self-defense, but also in a worldwide battle of ideas. Like America, Israel stands for freedom and democracy.

To defend Israel is to defend our own country and the shared values of these two great nations. Please join in praying for victims of the tragic invasion of Israel and for a swift victory for our strongest ally in the Middle East. Sen. Hensley may be contacted at 425 Rep. John Lewis Way N., Suite 742, Nashville, TN., 37243, or call 615-741-3100, or call toll free 1-800-449-8366 extension 13100, or fax 615-253-0231.

His district address is 855 Summertown Highway, Hohenwald, TN., 38462, or call 931-796-2018, or his cell phone 931-212-8823, or e-mail:

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